Romantique Handz

Use mittens to warm cold hands and for use as part of a manicure or nail treatment during a pamper party or for that special person
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Colour / Fragrance
  • Heat or cool to release the natural healing power and earthy fragrance of pure essential oils.Soothes and relieves aching joints, repairs and hydrates dry, tired skin. Soothing Handz hot compress, used in conjunction with Aroma Hand and Foot Spa Cream, is extremely effective for relieving pain, reducing inflammation of joints and improving mobility, while at the same time moisturising dry, tired hands. (Excludes Aroma Hand & Foot Spa Cream)
    • Soothing Handz are available in the following essential oil variants:
                  - Rosewood, Rose Rosewood, Rose Geranium and Clary Sage
Units in box: 1 pair