Our Spa Range of products is specially designed to enhance spa treatments and give clients' an extra pampering during their spa visit. Professional sizes are available for more cost-effective treatments.  Our Earth Angel massage and body products are available in sizes up to 5kg.

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Spa Range


Custom embroidered Eyez or Neckz

We offer a branding service to embroider your logo onto the ...

Soothing Sockz

Perfect to warm cold sore feet, to improve poor ...

Colour / Fragrance

Soothing Neckz

Top seller - use to soothe aching muscles from computer ...

Colour / Fragrance

Soothing Sportz

Heatable pillow for use on back muscles to relieve pain ...

Colour / Fragrance

Soothing Foot Bathz

Caviar gel for a luxurious pedicure treatment


Soy Massage Candle

Massage Candle infused with pure essential oils, shea ...

Colour / Fragrance

Spritz Room Spray

Sensuous room spray for spa or home use


Aroma Combo Oilz (each)

Pure essential oils for burners, baths or adding to your ...

Colour / Fragrance